Sunday, August 7, 2011

Digimon Masters Online

Will be trying out this new MMO I've found out through my friends- Digimon Masters Online :D Closed Beta Testing is set to begin tomorrow, for those who want to join, go to their website, 

and register an account; after that, you can then download the game client. Servers officially open tomorrow, so it's not yet available as of now. All available info so far on the game can be found on that site too XD

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September + Summer Anime post~

I've been meaning to post something here since... the first day of August, I think? I guess I got busy with a lot of stuff XD; It's already the start of the -ber months wth, and this here supposedly is my start-of-September post (I promised myself I'd blog at least once a month even if nobody reads this blog=)) )

So, there, though I say I've been busy with stuff... it isn't entirely school-related stuff, though it SHOULD be just school-related stuff, with all the projects and exams that passed and our thesis proposal and presentation supposedly already being worked on o____o;; I've been busy with watching anime and playing Persona 3 portable as well (other than Project Diva 2; I've been playing just those 2 PSP games recently) XDD I started watching 10 of the summer anime still currently airing, and my hard drive's space's suffering for that oTL I dropped 1 because it was getting really boring: Shukufuku no Campanella - I started watching it because I (kind of) liked the character costume designs and the setting, but it started off boring and it just seems to keep on getting boring >__<;; if not for the twins Ritos and Salsa, I wouldn't have watched it til ep 5 lol :O

Anyway, as for the other anime; instead of doing what I did for last season's (Spring) anime, I edited this copy of the Summer 2010 anime chart, graying out those anime I don't watch this season (since there's a lot more I don't watch than those I watch in this chart) ~

Currently watching anime list:

Highschool of the Dead - watched the first episode, and I found that it really is a fanservice anime all the way (from the trailer down to each episode); I'm still stuck at ep 1 though XD
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin - Yoko Hikasa (Mio) in a tsundere role (Kumashiro Maya) XDD the story's real interesting too, and I like the animation style~
Shiki - now, THIS is a horror anime \m/ liked it since I've read its synopsis from the chart, and I like it even more that I've started watching \m/ Gackt also voices one of the main characters, an aristocrat who transferred with his family to the town in Shiki~
Kuroshitsuji II - started watching even though I haven't finished the 1st season lol, Alois Trancy's sadistic character seems interesting and Mizuki Nana also voices Alois *_*
Nurarihyon no Mago - started watching since I heard it was a popular Shounen Jump manga; seems it has an all-star seiyuu cast too lol, among my faves Fukuyama Jun, Horie Yui and Aya Hirano =))
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu/Legend of the Legendary Heroes - FukuJun as Ryner Lute, who other fans call Lelouch's reincarnation, since he has geass-like-eyes too (the Alpha Stigma)~ epic episode 3 is EPIC \m/
Amagami SS - watching feels like watching a Visual Novel, since each main heroine has her own arc~ so far I like first two heroines in their arcs (Morishima Haruka arc and Tanamachi Kaoru arc) =))
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi - started watching this at first because of Ookami Ryouko ('s tsundere-ness);  I liked its unique storytelling style - with the narrator and the references to well-known fairy tales; and the characters as well (particularly the members of Otogi Bank) XDD Ookami herself and her best friend Akai Ringo, for example, from Little Red Riding Hood (Ringo always wears a red hood and brings a basket; Ookami in japanese means wolf, as Ryouko always puts on a strong front/wolf's clothing, also in reference to the wolf in little red riding hood's story), among the fairy tales featured here~
Mitsudomoe - started watching this because its slice-of-life/comedy genre XD Marui san-shimai (three sisters) FTW 8Db
Asobi ni Iku Yo - I actually didn't plan to watch this; I tried watching the first episode, then the plot seemed interesting (with different factions acting independently, all against the "alien"); I also liked Futaba Aoi, and that got me watching this anime *U*
Seitokai Yakuindomo - recommended by a friend since I liked Mitsudomoe; same humor, and same slice of life/comedy genre that I liked XD

and, from previous anime seasons,
K-ON!! (second season)
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Fairy Tail

I'll update my blog again once I have the time - I still plan on posting about the spring anime I've finished last season, so maybe I'll post that next XD;;

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ahhh, July~

ahhh, July~~ for some reason, I've a lot to expect this July - events, new anime, movies... or even the simple fact that it's a month closer to Nov/Dec XDb

oh yeah, I recently finished KH Birth by Sleep; I think I was over-leveled, though, since I didn't have that much difficulty with the final bosses >___<; anyway, the story.. I didn't know much about the KH universe, as Birth by Sleep was the 2nd KH game I played (the first being Chains of Memories on the GBA), so I missed most references to KH characters and the stories from the PS2 games (KH and KH2) o___o; that, added with the fact that the game's story was still in Japanese (the only English part was the menu/commands), made it seem like I'm playing a totally new game :O nevertheless, I enjoyed KH:BBS~ XD even if I had to repeat the story thrice- one for each character- it didn't get boring nor did it feel repetitive, as each character had different parts - both in the main story and the stories of each of the worlds, and each character is played very differently from each other; and, there's still much to do even after finishing one's storyline, so.. there 8Db

now, for my July post:
first off, my goal for Nov/Dec o___o;; it's the first (or 2nd?) month off, and I'm getting more and more motivated in pursuing my goal.. with the start of each month, I feel I'm getting closer and closer to *that* goal-- that I'll make it in time, and reap the rewards afterwards 8Db

then there's the start of the Summer anime season:

some of the anime listed above start tomorrow (July 1), while others around the first or second week of July~ definitely something to look forward too, since most of the anime I've been watching this Spring season has either recently ended or is about to end soon XD maybe I'll make another post, once most series I'm following this Spring season ends~

also, July also marks the start of Eiga Sai film festival:
I saw this schedule a few days ago- and so for this year's Eiga Sai I plan to at least watch "Always: Sunset on Third Street 2", after having watched its first movie last year :)) other than this, I may put off a weekend or two to watch Eiga Sai movies, just like I did last year XDD

as for other events:
there's I Ai Anime - a convention I heard is scheduled sometime in July~ I think it's either July 10-11 or 17-18, so I think my new costume will be done by then 8D

also, this - The 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream show :9 I might go some day after class, or even cut class the whole day on one of the days of this event-- all for the sake of sweets :))

Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring Anime post~~

it's still the Spring season for anime I think, most Summer Anime haven't started yet :O anyway, this here lists the anime I started off watching this season XD

here's a Spring Anime chart btw~ *click to view full size*

anime I've started watching this season:

Kaichou wa Maid-sama - I first heard this from Animax; I continue to watch this because of Misaki/Misa-chan X3 it's fun watching anime from the TV every once in a while, and Animax simulcasts this (on the same week as Japan), so I watch TV instead if I miss downloading the latest episode XD

Angel Beats - I read first on Sankaku, the main character (Yuri) looked a lot like Haruhi Suzumiya (and have similar personalities too lol) XD another reason I watched this is because it's from Key~ I've liked all of Key's anime before (more like, KeyAni/Key-KyotoAnimation) - Air, Kanon, Clannad :))

Arakawa Under the Bridge - I saw a trailer/commercial to on the last ep of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu last season; it has a lot of.. uhh, unique characters XDD no one is who you expect them to be lol, which is why it's a lot of fun watching this anime =)) also, Nino-san is... *w*


K-ON Season 2 - I just recently finished the first season too, so I remembered to watch it this season XD

Mayoi Neko Overrun! - watched the first ep, and I got drawn to watching more because of Nozomi & Fumino~ XD "Go die twice already!" =))

Rainbow - watched the first ep, but I got lazy so I think I'll wait for it to finish this season lol

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru - saw a screenshot posted by my friend, and first thing I thought of was "Angel Sanctuary anime?" XD even the op sequence shows the guy (Luka) having more in common with Lucifer/Kira from Angel Sanc, and Yuki looking like Setsuna too **facepalm**  anyway, I'm still catching up with this anime (still at ep3) XD

 Working! - the anime I started watching this season just recently XD I've wanted to start watching it long ago, but I couldn't find anywhere to download before >___<;; I only remembered recently lol :O really funny slice of life/comedy anime 8Db also, I'm still LSS with the OP song- Someone Else! =))

Fairy Tail  - I've been watching this since the first week it started, and I still look forward to each ep every Tuesday \m/ I stopped watching Bleach sometime ago, I stay updated with the manga instead; same for Reborn! lol, which makes this, uhh.. the only shounen anime on my watch list recently?XD I like everything about Fairy Tail now, I've started reading the manga so I know how faithful the anime is with the manga (down to episode/chapter titles and certain scenes/lines), and I like their OP and ED songs too =))

maybe I should start watching KissXSis and Senkou no Night Raid too o___O lol XD

anyway, I'll end this post with more charts of upcoming anime seasons (Summer and Fall seasons) XD


[all pictures *asides from the charts* from AnimeNewsNetwork ]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stuck with one more annoyance before summer break

the stress must be getting to me or something, I dunno, but I effing hate my luck today T___T; I still have one subject to take of-- just one, until I can finally take my mind of these things for the rest of summer, and this prof just keeps on ruining my schedule and plans DDDX gah I should already have applied for a summer OJT by now, but with this subject to worry about I can't even write a proper resume orz

I had wanted to stop halfway through the sem, but I couldn't since I had groupmates >__<; I wanted to start the subject again with a new prof, anyone but THAT prof gah DX  which brings me to this - I don't even care now if I get an INC or a failing grade if ever I suddenly decide NOT to present later with my groupmates o___o; what's annoying is all the effort I still put into this subject will go to waste;; if ever I go later, he had better give us a good grade for what we've done >.> oh wait I mean "they've", since I contributed too little, I'm expecting at least he passes me >__<

to my prof-thanks a lot for ruining my schedule later DDDX *cools off head* gah

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sem-end post

... Well, almost, since I've still got a project in one of my subjects to take care of =__=; more or less, I can enjoy myself for a while now :D

This semester ended quite well, since I crammed a lot during the last two weeks; I had to keep up with all the requirements I keep putting off for later. Still a crammer, as always =))

Some of my subjects ended quite well; for my (only) minor subject, we had a potluck party to celebrate with our prof, since it had been a fun sem for us in our class XD Next subject was my networking subject; it ended epicly (as our prof was) - we had an anime film showing (Hoshi no Koe) and our prof gave us an epic speech about our coming thesis (with Gurren Lagann music playing in the background) 8Db For our sofware subject, the public demo was the final requirement for our project (for our group, a game), and it went well for us- it was fun, everyone in the audience liked the flash game we developed, and the judges too I think enjoyed it =] For the rest of my subjects... I've nothing to say just yet lol o__O;

This is kind of why I hadn't had the time to blog lately.. errr, that, and I think I had nothing interesting to blog about >.< Anyway, this post dragged on longer than I expected, I should be getting some sleep now XD o/

Sunday, February 21, 2010

academic (un)productivity

this post should've been last thursday :O lol

anyway, the last time I worked on something for acads was for a writing for my social science subject; it was due last thursday, and I only started working on it after I got home the wednesday before it XD that's real late, since the project was assigned to us at the start of the semester, on our first few meetings for that subject lol :)) Christmas vacation passed, January passed; then a day before the deadline, I finally started working.

I had already outlined what I was supposed to write long ago- I just couldn't get started working XD so there, I wrote away.. I started around 5 or 6pm, and I was expecting myself to be finished with the writing part before midnight, but I decided to take a break around 10 or 11pm, since I was kind of content with what I had wrote, and according to my outline, I was supposedly halfway done. What happened was, I fell asleep before I could continue working >.< I woke up around 2am; I quickly started working again, since I had class at 8:30 in the morning.. I was writing 'til I think 6 or 7am, which was when I decided to cut my class to finish what I was doing o__o Sometime in between, I looked for pictures to use with my project, and I also printed some of those I needed. I continued writing, not worrying that much about the class I cut to finish my project.. I finished (all of the writing part) around 930 in the morning.. I took a break to get some breakfast; I watched TV and plurked for a while, since only the last part remains to be done (compiling the project), but before I noticed it, it already was 10:30 D: I continued my work to finally finish the project, and I finished around 12 I think >.<

I then had to prepare to leave for school; the only class I could be attending now was my class where I had to submit that project, I had already missed 2 subjects for this >.< I went to school, to my class, only to find out that.. the deadline for that project had been moved to Tuesday this week DDDX

I don't remember what got me started into working on that project back then, or even what kept me working on it; normally, I'd get distracted in the midst of making something, but I guess since it's cramming, I did okay (since I'm most productive when I cram lol) ;

for someone as lazy as me to work on something intensely to the point of sacrificing sleep and social interaction , it was kind of frustrating to have the deadline moved (as I finished working just in the nick of time, just in time to go to class to submit it) o__o I think this was the reason why I spent the next few days slacking off XD sure, I wasted my weekend, but I only have two other requirements to cram (at the moment) for tuesday, and I have all day tomorrow to do it, so it's not much of a loss =))

meh. I'm gonna slack off for a while more lol XDDD