Sunday, February 21, 2010

academic (un)productivity

this post should've been last thursday :O lol

anyway, the last time I worked on something for acads was for a writing for my social science subject; it was due last thursday, and I only started working on it after I got home the wednesday before it XD that's real late, since the project was assigned to us at the start of the semester, on our first few meetings for that subject lol :)) Christmas vacation passed, January passed; then a day before the deadline, I finally started working.

I had already outlined what I was supposed to write long ago- I just couldn't get started working XD so there, I wrote away.. I started around 5 or 6pm, and I was expecting myself to be finished with the writing part before midnight, but I decided to take a break around 10 or 11pm, since I was kind of content with what I had wrote, and according to my outline, I was supposedly halfway done. What happened was, I fell asleep before I could continue working >.< I woke up around 2am; I quickly started working again, since I had class at 8:30 in the morning.. I was writing 'til I think 6 or 7am, which was when I decided to cut my class to finish what I was doing o__o Sometime in between, I looked for pictures to use with my project, and I also printed some of those I needed. I continued writing, not worrying that much about the class I cut to finish my project.. I finished (all of the writing part) around 930 in the morning.. I took a break to get some breakfast; I watched TV and plurked for a while, since only the last part remains to be done (compiling the project), but before I noticed it, it already was 10:30 D: I continued my work to finally finish the project, and I finished around 12 I think >.<

I then had to prepare to leave for school; the only class I could be attending now was my class where I had to submit that project, I had already missed 2 subjects for this >.< I went to school, to my class, only to find out that.. the deadline for that project had been moved to Tuesday this week DDDX

I don't remember what got me started into working on that project back then, or even what kept me working on it; normally, I'd get distracted in the midst of making something, but I guess since it's cramming, I did okay (since I'm most productive when I cram lol) ;

for someone as lazy as me to work on something intensely to the point of sacrificing sleep and social interaction , it was kind of frustrating to have the deadline moved (as I finished working just in the nick of time, just in time to go to class to submit it) o__o I think this was the reason why I spent the next few days slacking off XD sure, I wasted my weekend, but I only have two other requirements to cram (at the moment) for tuesday, and I have all day tomorrow to do it, so it's not much of a loss =))

meh. I'm gonna slack off for a while more lol XDDD


  1. this is xian (

    gaahh~ i've experienced that most of the time lalo na pag hindi ko na kayang kalabanin yung antok and then when you wake up, cram mode agad. THAT's student life! 8D

  2. We should form a support group for us crammers or something. But then again, we'll most likey loaf in groups if that happens. lol/