Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sem-end post

... Well, almost, since I've still got a project in one of my subjects to take care of =__=; more or less, I can enjoy myself for a while now :D

This semester ended quite well, since I crammed a lot during the last two weeks; I had to keep up with all the requirements I keep putting off for later. Still a crammer, as always =))

Some of my subjects ended quite well; for my (only) minor subject, we had a potluck party to celebrate with our prof, since it had been a fun sem for us in our class XD Next subject was my networking subject; it ended epicly (as our prof was) - we had an anime film showing (Hoshi no Koe) and our prof gave us an epic speech about our coming thesis (with Gurren Lagann music playing in the background) 8Db For our sofware subject, the public demo was the final requirement for our project (for our group, a game), and it went well for us- it was fun, everyone in the audience liked the flash game we developed, and the judges too I think enjoyed it =] For the rest of my subjects... I've nothing to say just yet lol o__O;

This is kind of why I hadn't had the time to blog lately.. errr, that, and I think I had nothing interesting to blog about >.< Anyway, this post dragged on longer than I expected, I should be getting some sleep now XD o/

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