Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stuck with one more annoyance before summer break

the stress must be getting to me or something, I dunno, but I effing hate my luck today T___T; I still have one subject to take of-- just one, until I can finally take my mind of these things for the rest of summer, and this prof just keeps on ruining my schedule and plans DDDX gah I should already have applied for a summer OJT by now, but with this subject to worry about I can't even write a proper resume orz

I had wanted to stop halfway through the sem, but I couldn't since I had groupmates >__<; I wanted to start the subject again with a new prof, anyone but THAT prof gah DX  which brings me to this - I don't even care now if I get an INC or a failing grade if ever I suddenly decide NOT to present later with my groupmates o___o; what's annoying is all the effort I still put into this subject will go to waste;; if ever I go later, he had better give us a good grade for what we've done >.> oh wait I mean "they've", since I contributed too little, I'm expecting at least he passes me >__<

to my prof-thanks a lot for ruining my schedule later DDDX *cools off head* gah

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