Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ahhh, July~

ahhh, July~~ for some reason, I've a lot to expect this July - events, new anime, movies... or even the simple fact that it's a month closer to Nov/Dec XDb

oh yeah, I recently finished KH Birth by Sleep; I think I was over-leveled, though, since I didn't have that much difficulty with the final bosses >___<; anyway, the story.. I didn't know much about the KH universe, as Birth by Sleep was the 2nd KH game I played (the first being Chains of Memories on the GBA), so I missed most references to KH characters and the stories from the PS2 games (KH and KH2) o___o; that, added with the fact that the game's story was still in Japanese (the only English part was the menu/commands), made it seem like I'm playing a totally new game :O nevertheless, I enjoyed KH:BBS~ XD even if I had to repeat the story thrice- one for each character- it didn't get boring nor did it feel repetitive, as each character had different parts - both in the main story and the stories of each of the worlds, and each character is played very differently from each other; and, there's still much to do even after finishing one's storyline, so.. there 8Db

now, for my July post:
first off, my goal for Nov/Dec o___o;; it's the first (or 2nd?) month off, and I'm getting more and more motivated in pursuing my goal.. with the start of each month, I feel I'm getting closer and closer to *that* goal-- that I'll make it in time, and reap the rewards afterwards 8Db

then there's the start of the Summer anime season:

some of the anime listed above start tomorrow (July 1), while others around the first or second week of July~ definitely something to look forward too, since most of the anime I've been watching this Spring season has either recently ended or is about to end soon XD maybe I'll make another post, once most series I'm following this Spring season ends~

also, July also marks the start of Eiga Sai film festival:
I saw this schedule a few days ago- and so for this year's Eiga Sai I plan to at least watch "Always: Sunset on Third Street 2", after having watched its first movie last year :)) other than this, I may put off a weekend or two to watch Eiga Sai movies, just like I did last year XDD

as for other events:
there's I Ai Anime - a convention I heard is scheduled sometime in July~ I think it's either July 10-11 or 17-18, so I think my new costume will be done by then 8D

also, this - The 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream show :9 I might go some day after class, or even cut class the whole day on one of the days of this event-- all for the sake of sweets :))

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